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The Best Mirror is an Old Friend!

This month, we celebrate LOVE.  I mean it to my core when I say the love of my friends is one of my most treasured assets.  When I revisited this post, I realize that I had a great example.

This is the story of a friendship that has spanned 65 years.

Happy Valentine’s Month!
This month celebrate LOVE
And we ALL LOVE a LOVE Story…

So today I want to share about a friendship that has spanned 65 years.
This unlikely twosome met at Seattle’s famed nightclub, The Mardi Gras located in Seattle on 19th and Madison circa 1955.
One was a bartender and the other was offered a job by Morgan, the proprietor, as a waitress.
The bartender coached the novice waitress to pour a sip of coffee in a glass and toast the patrons.
Sure enough the tip paid off, and when the waitress came home her apron was flowing full of tips! The bartender was from Alabama.
The waitress, a Seattleite soon caught the drummer’s eye and married.
The waitress and drummer had three daughters and the bartender became their surrogate Aunt
The bartender was present for every family occasion. She made her famous egg-nog at the holidays. She stayed late on Christmas eve to help spread presents under the tree. Each New Year
they would delight in her Chitterlings and
Southern greens. Her scrumptious pot of Gumbo was a testament to her southern roots. She baked her nieces their favorite pies on each of their birthdays- peach cobbler or black berry. These two have lived through presidents, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson,Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, another Bush, Obama, and Trump. They enjoyed reading and sharing notes on novels from Sidney Sheldon or Danielle Steel.They watched shows from Dynasty to Empire. They bantered over politics, news and entertainment gossip. They enjoyed late night cackles and cocktails. Author Edna Buchanan said that friends are family we choose, and she must have had these two in mind. Through the marrying, carrying and burying side by side, never a fight or friction. My mama and Auntie Christine- a 65 year journey of LOVE.  Although Auntie Christine now sits in a nursing home in Alabama,  the love and memories last forever.

. “The best mirror is an old friend.”

― George Herbert