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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

The Ballad of Betty and Bill

This is the ballad of Betty (and Bill)

You think you don’t know them 
but before I’m through
I’m sure you will.

This is the ballad of Betty (and Bill)
You think you don’t know them
but before I’m through
I’m sure you will.

Now as I was walking about town
just the other day,
I glanced in a storefront window
then couldn’t look away.

For in this window
was something I’d
never seen before.
No, never something like this
in a trendy women’s
clothing store.

But sure enough
there they were:
mannequins sized like
none I’d ever seen.
I thought to myself,
now what could this
possibly mean?

Well I stood and I looked
and I tried to figure it out
and after a moment it was clear
there wasn’t a trace of doubt.

There was a reason
these dolls were sized like no other
and they surely weren’t on display
for the expectant mother!

It dawned on me who
the owner of the store
was trying to get to:
well of course,
it was the normal people of this world
normal like me and you.

We work hard
to keep it all together-
and you fellas out there
don’t run for cover
cause you know it too;
how often have you
loosened up your belt buckle
in the last year or two?

Yes we exercise and watch what we eat
or at least we try
but the truth of the matter is
things just ain’t like they were
when we were twenty five.

But back to the dolls
in this downtown store,
that looked so real,
in the outfits they wore.

And the outfits too
were also pretty nice
and to top it all off
they had a good
suggested retail price.
And gettin’ a good price is always a deal
cause what you save on clothes
you can spend on a meal.

I’m in the happiness business
and I’m here to share the news,
so here’s the moral of the story
lest you be confused:

The world is constantly changing
and thats a good thing,
so if you want to sell Betty something
that you hope Betty buys,
it better be something big enough
to cover Betty’s thighs.

(Or Bill’s.)
©2013 Tarcie Frank Mayer