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The 3 r’s

My blog today is in part, a response to Steve Dorsey’s comment on the blogpost The News from yesterday.

Steve, the whole point of our blog is to amuse, move and encourage each other to think and share our thoughts. You get it!

Once I’ve gathered my thoughts and composed them on print, I feel differently afterwards. Something happens.

Blogging is for the brave: those of us who defy the I don’t have enough time constraints, I’m afraid to give my opinion openly constraints, people may not agree with my take on life constraints, what will the board members think of me constraints, the hmmm…do I really have something to say constraints and even the why should I participate in something that really doesn’t concern me because I don’t have the wherewithal to understand or believe that maybe in someway, no matter how big or small, my contribution may do something good for someone else as well as myself constraints.

Dana and I have adjusted the 3 r’s of readin’ writin, and ‘rithmatic to make them our own: rejoicin’, readin, writin’ and thinkmatic.

I encourage everyone to participate with us. This is profit sharing at its very best!!

Thanks for posting Steve, I didn’t even plan on sharing this today. Inspiration is a mighty fine thing.

Something always happens…