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Seafair Memories- Surf and Turf!


Germany has Carnival and Seattle has Seafair!

Some of my favorite memories

As my sister and co-blogger has shared some of the celebratory traditions of Germany, today I bring you to my side of the “pond.”

Seafair is a summer festival in Seattle, Washington, that encompasses a wide variety of small neighborhood events leading up to several major city-wide celebrations. While many small block parties and local parades occur under the auspices of Seafair, most Seattle residents associate Seafair with the Torchlight Parade (and accompanying Torchlight Run), Seafair Cuphydroplane races, and the Blue Angels. Seafair has been an annual event in Seattle since 1950,
where the Menopausebarbees own mother, Theresa was crowned as one of the original first 5 Queens.
mama queen2
Fast-forward, 65 years later, the family tradition continues as  June 2015, I was honored to be amongst the first 5 locals knighted as Seafair Knights of the Roundtable.  My fellow knights and I were recognized for our community service.
seafair 1
I entitled today’s blog Seafair Surf and Turf as the activities rang from land to the lake and the food, revelry and spirits never cease.
Memories of Seafair past- re-post
A few Seafairs ago, we embarked early as thousands of attendees were all vying for a coveted space on the Log Boom.  Thanks to my fellow Knight, Lee Travis, we secured the very last $600 pass which allowed my girlfriend, Julie Santos and her husband, Captain Tim Ufkes to park Havanna along other yachts and crafts with up front and personal views of the hydro plane races.
Trina and I stayed upon the Havanna with Julie Friday night.  With the sound of the ripples gently rocking me like a baby, I had the best nights rest in ages.  I awoke Saturday to the rumbling of Tim who had returned to the boat by dinghy rearranging our attached destination.   Thursday night, we spent two hours in the water getting  anchored, but we were unfortunately not parked properly.   After listening to Trina moan about her latest break up- I assured her that was “sooooo July” and by the time she made it to the upper cabin, sure enough there would be plenty more fish to choose from on the rapidly filling up log boom.  ( Two years later, Trina and Eric are swimming in tandem- no more fishing!) Julie’s friend, Debbie joined us and soon enough with cocktails on our floating devices, we were heading down the lake in tandem.  Our goal destination 20 boats down to Yvette Eisenberg.  I loved checking out the clever names of all the yachts.  My personal favorite Aqua Holic, as everyone was indeed being over served!  The boating community is such that not only is mi casa su casa, but  everything mine is yours. Strangers walk deck to deck, even walking through your casa cabin to get to their friends.  They share ice, and necessitates and make trips back to shore for a grocery run.
The trips from Surf to Turf were challenging as the navigation is completely shut down during the Blue Angel show.  The Lake Police Patrol are out in full force, and will not allow ANY exceptions.
julie boating