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Tempo Tempo!

Tempo Tempo!

Yes, tempo was the theme of this amazing event–as in lights, camera and ACTION NOW NOW!

The when, why and wonderful of it all:

October 20, 2017, a cloudless, relatively warm evening in Vienna, Austria for this time of year, where the red carpet awaited 600 guests of the First Lady and President of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity Austria, Sonja Klima at the Vienna Exhibition and Congress Center. All gathered to celebrate and support the 30th anniversary of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity Organization.

A spectacular evening of delicious dining and awesome entertainment..

Star guest was the singer Nena, celebrating her 40 years on the stage this year and who also has a story of the time she slept in an uncomfortable hospital chair to be near her child as he lay in hospital.

Sonja klima is very generous in her praise of the great team that works with and supports her. (I have a special thank you to Denise!) And they say that she is the first one in and the last one out of the office everyday.

This woman is constantly asking herself where she can raise more funds to build houses. This is her passion. The second house in Vienna is currently under construction. It will have seventeen apartments for families and will be opened this coming spring. The next is planned for Salzburg; the land has been purchased directly on the hospital grounds near the neonatal clinic. A RMcD House in Innsbruck is in the planning stages…

These houses cost five million euro.

Last year, Sonja’s gala raised six hundred and fifty-thousand euro and this year, within just a few hours with the help of the amazing auctioneering skills of the lovely and no joke Laurien Schroeder Hessels and an online auction: over eight hundred and sixty-thousand euro was raised!!

BRAVO and hats off to ALL who participated!

I cannot express how very important this is. I know first hand what it means to be able to comfort a child in the hospital. Even for me, having to leave my son for only for four hours a night just to go home, sleep a couple hours and get back to him seemed impossible. Imagine what it must be like to live hours or miles away and not be able to be near your child because of financial reasons. The Ronald McDonald House makes this dream become a reality for many parents and their children. This is priceless.

Just so you know, the very first RMcD House opened in Philadelphia in 1974.
These houses provide over 7,200 bedrooms to families around the world each night, with an estimated value of $700 million in lieu of hotel costs. Imagine!!

There are currently 214 Ronald McDonald’s Family Rooms in 24 countries and regions.

Please keep the spirit of this wonderful organization in mind the next time you drive past the golden arches.


Ronald McDonald RMCC Kinderhilfegala Charity, Reed Messegelände Wien, Wien, 20.10.2017,

Ronald McDonald RMCC Kinderhilfegala Charity,
Reed Messegelände Wien, Wien, 20.10.2017,

Photo with Sonja Klima and friends: Andreas Tischler (