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Tell the Tale! Time to Save the Tigers!

Yesterday, on a glorious, rare, sunny Seattle April morning, I got the opportunity to sport my co-blogger and sister’s raucous Tiger pants again!  I couldn’t resist the occasion as I got dressed to head to the Seattle Center, to meet Patti Savoy, executive co-chair and the outstanding Show Your Stripes Team of our close girlfriends for the launch of the artistic Tiger release sculptures by some of Seattle’s finest artist. 

Seattle, you will be intrigued, inspired, and enlightened when you happen upon one of these beautiful renditions which will be at locations from the Seattle Space Needle, The Convention Center, Bellevue Square, and Maison de Lille and traveling locations.  These beautifully painted Tigers represent and tell the tale that there are now less than 3000 of these big cats in the wild.  If we don’t do something drastic, it is estimated they will be extinct in less than 10 years!

So, what can WE do????

If you have a business and you would like to donate something for our auction procurement, please contact me or one of our co-chairs (see bottom).  Not only is this a great opportunity to Show your Stripes, this event is well attended and we will put your brand in the spotlight!

Buy your tickets TODAY to the party of the summer!  July 10 Jungle Party

tickets are $350 each and includes

an unforgettable night on the ground of the Woodland Park Zoo, drinks, a phenomenal meal by Lisa DuPar , and a not to miss raffle with options from trips to Africa to house stays in Arizona and Palm Springs.  For those that want to stay local, how about dinner for four at the Sorrento, a cozy suite for the night and a Seahawk game?

And for those that are really roaring, lets keep the party going with our first dancing after party- limited tickets available.

1. Patti Savoy

2. Fredda Goldfarb

3. Deborah Anderson

4. Sheila Otter

5. Susan Kropp

6. Shal Foster

7. Nicole Knowles

8. Stacy Lil

9. Stacy Jones

10.  Cindy Benezra

11.  Dana Frank

and YOU our 12th Man can show our stripes, tell the Tale and save the Tigers!  seahawk tiger

tigerlaunch3  tigerlaunch2Tigerlaunch1tigerlaunch4
Photo of co-chairs with WPZ CEO, Dr. Deborah Jensen

Photo courtesy of Jerry and Lois Photography