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Tears from the Seine to the Mississippi

This was smoke of another kind. 

I couldn’t help but to be drawn to the tongue of smoke rising to the heavens. The closer I got, the more I smelled the scent of beeswax. I’d never seen anything like this before. I am spiritual in nature and love all things ancient and therefore I was mesmerized. This was after all the Notre Dame Cathedral–an icon of Catholicism,  one of the most iconic structures in the world. It is the most famous of the Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages.

The smoke was arising from a three legged incense burner, set close to the altar. Incense burning symbolizes the prayers of the Catholic faithful rising up to Heaven. 

This is Holy Week and normally tomorrow, Good Friday, the Notre Dame would display some of its ancient and priceless relics to the public. Unfortunately the massive fire that engulfed this sacred site on Monday destroyed many of them. 

Horrifying. Thankfully some treasures have been saved.

A bit closer to home for the Menopausebarbees friends stateside, fires destroyed three churches in Louisiana’s St. Landry’s  Parish over 10 days during the end of last month. These were St. Mary’s, the Greater Union Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant. These were historical Black churches–all over 100 years old. Parishioners baptised, married, and buried their loved ones in these houses of faith. Now all is gone including handwritten sermons and bibles and documents. Treasures saved only in hearts and minds.

 Horrifying. Decades of history gone forever.

Well, despite the tears across the Seine to the Mississippi, and amidst the charred remains of these houses of worship, there lies hope. 

According to the French presidential cultural heritage envoy Stephane Bern, donations to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral have also skyrocketed. Nearly $1 billion had been pledged as of Wednesday.

And since then, over $1.8 has been raised to rebuild the sanctuaries in Louisiana.

I always try to find the good in something bad. In this case, it would be that we as a human race have the desire to move forward in the face of destruction; that basic values like dependability, justice and generosity and the commitment to the good lie at our core; that we want to help each other, that our faith will not be shaken.

And that not all has gone up in smoke…