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There is probably nothing more ancient in the world than language. Communication is an art and expressed in many different ways. When I met my ex-husband, a lot of our communication at the onset of our love affair was with hand and feet because I didn’t understand his mother tongue, German, and his English was broken at best. 

When you think about this phenomenon of communication, we must take into consideration that feelings can be expressed without words; take for example certain emotions like compassion, love or fear. You don’t need words to communicate these feelings. And the same idea can be applied to art and how the artist expresses himself without words. 

The sculpture from Russian-Ukrainian artist, Aljosha, spoke to a throng of admirers last week in Saint Peter’s Church in Cologne. Built in the year 1513, St. Peter’s also happens to be where the flemish artist Rubens was baptised. 

For this exhibition, the stained glass windows in the church are covered, blocking out their narrative and brilliance enhancing Aljoshas’s idea of the solemness of penitence. The massive sculpture itself, (made of acrylic fibers), a black eerie cloud, represents the 40 days of observance and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ death hovers from the church ceiling. On Easter Sunday, this artwork will be replaced with another same in shape and form, but in a radiant blue transparent color and the sunlight from the uncovered stained glass windows will enrich its gloriousness. 

Before this particular vernissage was over, guests were invited to a room where wine and bread was served, clearly representing The Last Supper. Just brilliant! 

Visual communication doesn’t just happen in church or in an art gallery. Be observant of all the things that speak to you today. Be curious and open-minded. Block out the noise.

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