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Start Off on the Right Foot!

I had a feeling that the San Benedetto Market, the largest city market in Europe, would be an experience and I couldn’t wait to get there.

The sun bore down and the heat was relentless as I walked there from my hotel and I couldn’t wait to get some shade (the market is indoors). Nonetheless, excited for the journey and wanting to take in everything, I couldn’t help but to stop and peer inside the shops along the way. It’s very interesting because most of the storefront windows are treated–darker than usual–and it can be difficult to determine if the stores are open or not (unless you read the opening hours signs). Having treated windows makes real good sense in this city fondly referred to as, The City of the Sun. And though from the outside, the widths of the stores appear to be narrow, giving the impression that they are small, once you step inside, you’re amazed at how large the stores actually are. 

Anyway, I finally got to the market, stepped inside and was accosted by colors and faces and foods and a breeze provided by ceiling fans and the passionate tongue of one of the world’s most romantic languages–it sounded as if people were singing and some of them were! 

After a time, I discovered that I’d seen some of the friendliest vendors in the world selling everything from apples to zucchinis and all kinds of meats and cheeses–but no fish. Hmm. Public market. Island. There had to be fish.

And there was. I found all kinds of seafood downstairs where it was, at that particular time, even livelier than it was upstairs. 

Before I left, I ran into a couple I met at the hotel. I’ll call them Fearless (her) and Afraid (him). That’s another blog. 

Anyway, my lesson of the day (here with a couple market vendors): Happiness is a universal feeling that needs no translation so be brave, bold and free to share a smile! It doesn’t cost a thing and does wondrous things for the soul!

It’s Monday–hope you start off on the right foot!

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