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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Sr. Mary Menopause- Time to Change Old Habits

And so it begins… I was born and raised a Catholic girl. I did 12 years of Parochial School, from Mt. Virgin, St. Terese, and Bishop Blanchet. I crowned the Blessed Virgin- twice, served along with my bestie, Trina as an alter girl, so, yes, Lent is truly in my DNA. Lent for me equals Fasting, forgiving, and following the faithful. Many of my extended family, thanks to my maternal grandmother were raised in the Roman Catholic faith as well. So, each year, we ask each other, what we are giving up. I have shared in the past, my hilarious uncle calls me every Lent and says, “So, Dana, you take good care of yourself, and I’ll talk to you in 40 days.” He always catches me off guard, and I ask – “40 days? Why Unc?” and he replies, I’ve given up ugly people for Lent. Yes, he is funny. But as I got to thinking of it- how wonderful it would be if we all allowed ourselves to fast from people. Take 40 days and just not respond to all phone calls, or every message, post, and ping. If you blocked 40 days of time sucking activities and used it to stop procrastinating time, that results in 57,600 minutes you get back. I am challenging myself to limit my cell phone use to get back time. This is challenging as my cell phone has become an extension of my being. I generally reply swiftly and truly my life has become addicted to this accessory. I miss those old school days of not always being readily available. I have set my family to a special dial tone, (Brett and Taryn can always reach me) as they get a pass, however, I will drive with my phone on mute. I will turn it off in the evenings. I will leave it in another room, while I work or work out, read or visit with intention. So please understand, if you can’t reach me, honor my fasting and just call me Sister Mary Menopause. It’s time to change old habits! Now off to get my ashes!