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Spotlight on Treehouse 25th Soiree and CEO Janis Avery

This past Saturday, October 5, 2013, I had the honor and privilege to co-chair with Ashely McCready the 25th Soiree for Treehouse for Foster kids. The celebration held at the historic Paramount Theater culminated in Ashely’s husband, Seattle’s own Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready auctioning off VIP backstage passes to the sold out Seattle concert in December. This priceless package sold 3 times and sent the crowd to their feet dancing as Mike performed on stage with the soulful sound of The Voice’s Mycal Wassman ! Guests dined on a delicious cuisine from Tom Douglas and all raised their paddles to purchase a custom Treehouse signature glassybaby candle. By the end of the night, we had raised over $435,000- all to give kids in foster care a childhood and a future.

In today’s Menopausebarbee Spotlight, I am re-posting a blog by CEO, Janis Avery with admiration for all she does to make a difference in a child’s life.

Now for our Monday Spotlight- from Janis Avery, CEO

in foster care live in an uncertain world. Stability and permanence, things that most children can take for granted, are not guaranteed to foster kids. They can be moved frequently, and with very little notice, leaving with just a trash bag filled with their possessions. All too often, entering the foster care system means losing a sense of identity and purpose for kids who have been abused or neglected.

is a completely local nonprofit organization with the mission of giving foster kids a childhood and a future. Since 1988, Treehouse has provided essential Education Engagement and Enrichment programs that help foster kids succeed in school, meet key material needs, and provide childhood experiences every kid deserves. Core programs serving foster kids in King County are focused on helping kids fit in, discover and deepen passions and perform well in school so they have future choices. Staff and volunteers work with youth to help them complete: college and career planning; academic progress; attend summer camp and participate in extracurricular activities; and “shopping” at the Wearhouse, an onsite retail store where youth and caregivers can shop for free. Treehouse also runs a statewide Educational Advocacy program to help foster youth stay in school and remain on-track to high school graduation. Treehouse serves over 5,000 foster kids each year!

is a community effort. I have deep respect and appreciation for Dana Frank who brings together local entrepreneurs every year to hold Shop for a Cause.
This event has multiple benefits. It collects gifts for teens, sells items from local retailers, and makes a donation to Treehouse. This creative triple bottom line helps kids tangibly with gifts and cash and broadly by raising community awareness about the needs of children in foster care. And, it’s fun. Thank you Dana!

Interested in getting involved or making a donation? Learn more at Please be in touch with me directly if you would like to learn more or do more.