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South Africa is on the Bus!!!

This morning I’m winding up our Kentucky Derby weekend and…looking forward to South Africa!

The backdrop: 

a luxury chartered bus is driving us away from the historic Churchill Downs (which by the way, currently holds the record for the longest-running, continuous sporting event in the United States) and the stunning Kentucky Derby upset by the 80–1 long shot win Rich Strike. We’ve been privy to all the über-excitement from the Trophy Room suite directly above  the Finish Line, provided by our hosts, Tammi and Richard Rigney. Good grief! We’ve been eating and drinking and eating and drinking for 48 hours and now we were headed off to dinner at The Farm, an estate on rolling green grounds that stretch into the horizon.

My menopausebarbee co-blogger and sister Dana and I, friends from Seattle, and four South African tour guides are on this bus cruising along a street somewhere in Kentucky, with everyone belting out Sweet Caroline over and again; some of us ladies have kicked off our heels and some of the men have donned the fascinators and or hats of the women. And we’re all singing off-key and just having a regular blast.

Our newfound friends from South Africa were an awesome bunch!

The first time we met Tilly, Callum, Ian, and Sean at the Rigney home, they greeted everyone with open arms as if they’d known all of us forever. They are the owners of African Born Safaris which has been operating since its founding in 2013 by Callum and Sean. 

Take a look now and come back to me. Here’s the link and it is AWESOME!

They were unmistakable at the Derby wearing identical vibrant African print custom attire designed by Sebo, designer of @caraci_clothing. Full of character, so fitting! Pun intended. 

Home for them, the town they love, is called Hoedspruit. Says Callum, “Being able to have pristine wilderness on our doorstep combined with raising our kids in a safe environment is what it’s all about. South Africa is an incredibly unique region that combines culture, tourism, wildlife, and history that creates the perfect home for us.”

The Rigneys, our hosts have traveled extensively throughout this great big beautiful world and have taken 3 (!! ) of these amazing tours and are planning on 2 more. I conclude that there must be something to them!

Dani, my darling baby sister, how’s our bucket list looking?