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Did I Say YES? Again?

Last week, I was invited to lunch by Trish Carpenter, who for 26 years has spearheaded Bellevue Life Spring serving at risk children and one of my besties, Betty Tong. As I love them both, I was eager to drive through the blistering Seattle rain, across the 520 bridge, valet park, and dodge the dropping downpour to meet at Seastar Restaurant. I took a seat and shook the pellets off. I was soaking wet and ordered a piping hot Americano to knock off the chill. I contentedly began to share my new found freedom in saying, “NO.”

When people read my blog and see my Facebook posts, I am often asked, “How do you do it all?” Sometime, I feel, I should have been a twin. As I look at this month alone, I will have attended the Union Gospel Mission Gala, Bellevue Life Spring, Wine Women and Shoes, Rwanda Girl’s Initiative, A Plus Anniversary gala amongst birthday celebrations, including my own son’s milestone 21st. So I smiled and announced proudly to Tricia and Betty, I am saying “NO.”

I am already committed on the 2015 Woodland Park Zoo Jungle Party as well as my ongoing support of Treehouse (Mark your calendar Dec. 4th will be our annual Shop for a Cause toy drive with Dani Ackerly at
Canopy Blue Madison Park 6 pm). Two very huge opportunities presented themselves for me to join this past week and I struggled, but declined as I had to start saving reserves for myself.

Tricia sadly looked at me and exclaimed, “Well, that’s awful news.” Huh? I thought to myself- you are supposed to commend my new found bravery with the word NOOOOOOOOO! However, Trisha with her compassionate, determined agenda and 26 years of service knew my soft spot- children! “I want you to join our team for next years Bellevue Life Spring.” As Tricia went on the explain her work and passion for over the past two decades, serving low income families, getting children necessities such as food and clothing, I found my NO quickly turning to a YES.

Here is a link to the Puget Sound Business Journal, I am pictured along with my dear friends, Stacy Lil Bellevue 2014 Life Spring Honorary Chair and Annette Dresser. The event raised nearly $400,000! When you read this, I’m sure you would say YES too.

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