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Something’s Got to Give!

It’s Monday, and after a historical election weekend, we can all hopefully exhale and look forward to compassion, growth, and no matter if you voted blue or red, we can all get on a Good4All Experience for our futures.

As part of the Good4All partnership, each Monday, we are Meat-free.  Yesterday, I enjoyed my shopping at PCC purchasing the veggies, humus, and grains in anticipation for my meal tonight.  It’s so satisfying knowing that I can dedicate one day of not consuming animal products and that’s a benefit for all.  As Russel Simmons wrote, “I don’t want to eat anything that can run away from me.”

Today, I want to address another important measure we can take and that is addressing climate change.  Check out these useful tips:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning

Change a Light Bulbs to LED

Drive Less, and Carpool to Save Emissions

Buy Energy Efficient Products

Use Less Hot Water

Save Electricity and Turn the Lights Off

Plant a Tree they give off Oxygen

We’ve got work to do, but we are all in the together!