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Someone Else’s Shoes…A Renewed Sole for the Soul!

Somedays it’s good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Often times, we get caught in the depressed state of wanting more and concentrating on what we are lacking, rather than what we have. It is so easy to get caught in the daily grind and take life’s necessities for granted, but just what if you awoke one morning and it was all taken away from you? This past week’s tragedy in Oklahoma should be a wake up call for us all.

I was reminded to be grateful this past Tuesday when I along with my son, and friend, Cyndi joined our dear friend, Fredda Goldfarb at Mary’s Place- a day shelter for homeless women and their children.

I was raised by parents who instilled the importance of walking in “someone else’s shoes.” I recall as a child, family visits to the Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago Illinois. This 4,415 unit structure was at one time the largest Housing Project in the country. At it’s peak, this property housed 27,000 people, and problems that are bred of poverty were ever present. As an eight year old, that visit impacted my vision and one of my favorite quotes, to “never look down on anyone, unless I was lifting them up.

“So it was with gratitude, 40 years later, that I could share with my son the necessity to witness and help others get back on their feet. The Executive Director of Mary’s Place, Marty Hartman with her tireless, energetic, passionate, yet disciplined program inspired me to share this blog and hope we can all do more!

As Marty toured us and showed some of the items and services Mary’s Place offers such as new underwear, a hot meal, a shower, counseling, medical or a respite for homeless mom taking chemotherapy, I saw how easy it is to contribute. On Tuesday, I walked in “her shoes”, and felt as if I had a re-newed sole for the soul!

It’s simple… Donate, Volunteer, Share Your Stuff, Food Programs, Donate Your Vehicle, Planned Giving and See your impact.
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