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Somebody’s Baby

Somebody’s Baby

I’m a first thing in the morning sit down with the news and have a good cup of coffee kind of girl.

There is nothing like waking up and discovering what’s happened overnight in all the far reaches of this big wonderful world we live in.

I know that my thoughts and feelings will have to shuffle with the unnecessary, the ugly and the unbelievable, but sometimes I’ll come across the unexpected, meaning the unexpected in a good way. I did that just now and it has left me grinning ear to ear.

The little man in this video seems to sum up all the precious elements of freedom, innocence, humor and the emotional of being a child.

If you’ve ever had a mini me, it may make you want to have another.For a sweet second.

And if looking at him doesn’t stir any parental urges within you, then just sit back and smile and get your day off to a great start.

YoutubeKai and His Girlfriend, Ellen

He is adorable
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