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So You Think You Know?

I have always been curious.

  It’s the eve of my birthday. As I look at this baby picture of me, I’m sure I was looking at the photographer thinking what is that machine that is flashing in my face?

As a baby, my daddy nicknamed me Louella Parsons the famed American movie columnist as I always wanted to know who, what, where, when and why.  No guest left our house unscathed of my inquiries.  As my friends who know me today, the same rules apply.  I apologize publicly to any prospects trying to date my girls, as I will get to the bottom of your story.

We should never stop learning.  When you are green you grow, and when you are ripe you rot. Daily, I challenge myself to learn something new.  So, just as my sister and co-blogger Tracie gives you things for your tool box, I will share questions to see what you really know or think you know.

So try these…

Barbie’s last name is…. Roberts

Despite its 216 minute running time, Lawrence of Arabia has no women in speaking roles.

The kitchen dishwasher was invented by a socialite wife of an Illinois politician, not because she was fed up with the ho-hum chore of dirty dishes but because she had had it with careless servants who frequently broke her expensive china while washing it.

On average, we forget 80 percent of what we learn on any given day…

So, the way I see it, that leaves more room in our brains to keep learning and stay curious.