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So Many Vaginas, So Little Time!

What’s up with some men and their penises?

I mean, seriously.

I am sorry, but I could not let one more day go by without addressing our country’s latest scandal: 11 Secret Service Agents getting caught with their pants down (no pun intended, it is what it is) with prostitutes in Columbia.

Was the hanky panky worth it? I would guess that the thrill is gone by now.

I mean maybe the agent at the root of this mess should have just paid the woman who accompanied him to his room her asking price and the country and/or world would be no more the wiser.


This kind of public scandalous behavior just makes men look bad. Okay, hold on. I’m not bashing. We all know that women can be and/or are just as lascivious as our male counterparts. But aside from a celebrity or starlet, a woman’s infidelities are not so often written about or exposed. Maybe women are more discreet. I don’t know. About a quarter of Secret Service personnel are women-maybe not enough of them (if any) went on this trip. Again, I don’t know. No matter because as I write this blog it is late, I am tired and I am not going into the whole obsession about men’s infidelity and women being cheated upon because women cheat for the thrill of it too. The bottom line is that public scandalous behavior is always what it is: scandalous.

Suffice it to say that for this piece, I’m talking about forced resignations and firings do to misconduct. I’m talking about public humiliation, disgrace, investigations and the notion (founded or not) that the incident had the makings to pose a security risk.I’m talking about top secret security clearances being suspended, supervisory dismissals. I’m talking about careers being cut short-

…and then going home to face a spouse and/or significant other and having to talk about it.

Hmm…. poor guys. Talk about being jammed up between a rock and a hard place. Maybe the cat will have their tongues because if they talk about the devil he is surely bound to appear.

Update: I’ve just found out that Paula Reed, a 21 year veteran of the Secret Service and now South American Chief of the agency, is the person, who upon hearing of the misbehaviour sounded the horn, acted decisively and helped remove those involved in the scandal and replaced them with other secret service officials of the agency.The irony of it all…I mean, seriously.