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SMILE You are on Candid Camera- Do You Know Them?

I really should have been a private detective.  I am consumed with unearthing details of who done it.  Yes, I watch waaaaay too much Dateline, Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall, 48 Hours Mystery, and To Catch a Thief programs. When I received a phone call this past weekend that one of our Capital Hill security apartment building’s storage units had been broken into, I was eager to see footage from the criminals caught on tape.

My family has owned this particular building since 1964.  For over fifty-eight years, we have taken pride in maintaining a safe and sound community for our residents. Therefore, the anger and frustration I feel when this protection is violated is rightfully understandable.

These criminals went in at 2:30 in the morning, using a knife to pick the lock.  It appears as if they were going to rob the laundry machines, however, we no longer accept quarters, and all the machines are app or credit card based.  The criminals then decided to cut open the resident storage bins and ruffle through their personal items, helping themselves to other’s personal belongings.

These criminals spray painted the security cameras we have in place; however, these photos were taken when they first broke in.  We filed a police report. Today, we are asking for your help too- do you know them?  The cameras have been repaired.

Until you are caught- at least SMILE, you’re on candid camera!