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Smile at the Memories

In saluting Mothers this month, today I would like to pause in memory of all the Mothers who are no longer physically here with us.

I was inspired to write Smile at the Memories from a comment on the post: M is for: A Multi-tasking Mama! (Menopausebarbees May 5, 2013), sent in by George Allen.

George wrote:

“ My Mom passed away 17 years ago yesterday and I still have awe-filled memories of her negotiating the day with 7 kids in tow. I appreciate every day I have on this earth because I was blessed with such a wonderful Mom and can pass that love on to the younger generations.”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us George.

Smile at the Memories

Lucky me.
I know you will always
smile at the memory
of the day I came to be

I gurgled,
you cooed,
from the very beginning,
you always knew
what to do.

And as I grew
and didn’t always understand
or for that matter even agree,
you never failed to extend a hand
to help me
find my way when the roads crossed
and I found myself headed towards
confused and lost.

You took the momentum
out of pandemonium,
and smiled
as you balanced it all,
it never ever occurred to me
that you yourself could actually stumble and fall.

Though you no longer
hold my hand
I will forever hold your heart
and beside me
you will always be,
there will never be a cloud
puffy enough
to obstruct the light
of your memory.

My beautiful Mother
I know this to be true
for you gave me life,
you gave me love,
I live,
I love,
I thank you.

Lucky me.
©2013 Tracie Mayer

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