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The shutdown, caused by a disagreement between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over the president’s demand for a wall at the Mexican border, is headed for the longest federal government shutdown in history.

A whole lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. They rightfully earn that paycheck. Some people are running out of money while the federal government is heading into its second month of not paying it’s 800,000 employees. 

Stories of struggle abound: For example, I read this morning about a husband and wife going on mac and cheese diets so their kids can eat fish, meat and vegetables. A man plays his guitar in a coffeeshop for extra money but it will not begin to put a crack in the cost for his MS treatments. Gas or food? Or medicine? People are literally running out of money at this moment; there is no income and no end in sight. Adding insult to injury: the proposal of linking funding for a permanent wall with a temporary protection for the Dreamers while food-lines at food-banks are getting longer. 

Furthermore, the USDA informed states last week that if they wanted the nutrition dollars (food stamps) for February, they had to issue the benefits to participants by Jan. 20. The government told the states to make sure beneficiaries knew these were early, not extra, benefits — and that they would have to make them last. All recipients need to be aware to use them carefully so that they will have food throughout the month of February.  If you know someone affected by this, do let them know. And then, what about disaster relief payments? Victims of the forest fires in California and victims of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and in Puerto Rico are waiting for crucial help needed to recover. 

As the shutdown drags on, bills pile up and workers sit home worrying about the next financial catastrophe. We need to find some kind of way to ensure that this federal government shutdown does not destroy the livelihoods and well-being of tens of thousands of families.


Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images