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Set Yourself Free with a Good Mood Fruit this Weekend

So how many of you folks like pineapple out there? 

You should, I mean, after all, a ripe one tastes deliciously sweet and fruity, and tropical-like sunshine. A good mood fruit.

And it’s really good for us: did you know that some of its numerous possible health benefits include aiding in digestion, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, and helping reduce the pain of arthritis. It may also be an anti-clotting, anti-hypertension, and anti-cancer substance.


There was a time before my divorced that I really enjoyed fresh pineapple–it wasn’t my favorite fruit, nonetheless, I really enjoyed a succulent bite or two especially on a warm day. 

The day I began my divorce proceedings, I decided that I didn’t like pineapple anymore because my ex-husband loved it– it was his favorite fruit. In my anger, disgust, and contempt at how he dragged out our divorce proceedings and the actual hell he put me through, I felt that I would be getting some kind of revenge by denying myself something that was healthy for me and tasted like sunshine to boot just because he liked it.

How could I possibly like something he liked, I reasoned. After a time, a long time, I came to realize what I knew all along and that was that I was physically and mentally free and that the time had come to replace my negative thoughts with… pineapple!

My joy has led me to a crazy discovery! I have found a way to eat pineapple– you won’t believe this–without cutting it. Grab yourself this good mood fruit this weekend and get some happy. 

Check out this video for the reveal of how to eat a pineapple without cutting it! Try it —it’s awesome!