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Sentencing Day…

As we all know, things are  often are not what they appear.

I awoke this morning and turned on the news to the reminder that today is sentencing day for Bill Cosby.

When I look at these photos, again, we are reminded that things are not always as they appear. In one, the family man I grew up loving and then the predator who under oath said that he had given Quaaludes, a now banned sedative to women in the “same way a person would say, Have a drink.”


I thought about the countless hours I watched the Cosby Show.  I reflected on the pride the show gave me as a young black girl representing an upper class African American family with a doctor father and community minded mom.

For years, I too watched The Brady Bunch, and their idyllic life and searched for programming which reflected my experience.  As a Menopausebarbee, I recall shows Good Times (inner city Chicago housing project family trying to survive), Sanford and Son (a widower junk dealer in Watts, California), What’s Happening (working class family also residing in Watts), and Benson (a Butler/house manager for a widowed governor).  Although I truly appreciated the comedic value in those shows, they did not reflect nor resonate with my experience.  I was laughing hysterically with my friend, Patti the other day, after having a particularly bad hair day, I compared myself to Flip Wilson as Geraldine.  Although Patti had no idea who Geraldine was, she too found the comparison of this cross dressing man sidesplitting.

I will forever treasure those programs and recall the laughs from my parents, and aunts and uncles sitting around the living room television console laughing until tears flowed from their eyes.

But today, the laughter stops, and the memories are tarnished as Bill Cosby gets sentenced.

  The name of his album, It’s True, It’s True with the title track,  It’s The Woman’s Fault – what sad irony.

“If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it.” – Bill Cosby.

How will he answer his own words today?