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Secrets to a Happy Life

The holidays are over. Most of you have or soon will take your tree, lights and all thedazzling decorations down.

With the letdown of the’most wonderful time of the year’ being over, the chill to the bone rain pouringoutside and the reality that it’s time to get back to workdoesn’t’ make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Let’s add that it’s Wednesday, and they say the rest of this week begins with WTF-right?

I have tried to adopt the philosophywhich my dear friend, Karen Lindsay (who makes the most AMAZING holiday cookies) shared years ago,’Nothing Bad Happens to Me’. Chin up, like little orphan Annie, I sing, the sun will come out tomorrow. But I must admit, some days, I struggle and I have to remind myself of my Secrets to a Happy Life.

I had a friend who was an extremelysuccessful motivational speaker.He was paid handsomely to coach employees and individuals on the benefits of being positive in the workplace andin their personal lives. He constantly said,
Attitude is Everything! When a stranger would ask, how are you? He would respond like Tony the Tiger and say I”M GREAT- literally with a roar!If someone said they were just OK- that was unaceptable! He knew thatenergy is contagious as well as a positive outlook.

He passed away over a year ago, however, he stayed genuinelyupbeat until the end of his life. I marvel that he bravely faced cancer and still smiled and said he was GREAT when asked how he was feeling.

Now take a moment and look at this photo- called The Stages of Life…

Makes you wanna hurry up and enjoy each day-right?

OK, so here are my personal secrets to a happy life
I believe you need 3 things:
1. Something to Do
2. Something to Love
3. Something to Look Forward To

I have tried to adhere to including these 3 things, especially when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed.

I hope these secrets help you in your quest for a happy life! And the sun Will come out tomorrow! Even if it’s onlyin your own heart.