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Seattle says… Ready, Set, Snow!

YESTERDAYS Seattle Times Headlines read:
Megastorm looms for area
Up to 14 Inches Wednesday
1-2 punch could culminate in biggest snowfall since ’69

Now all of our friends and readers outside of Washington State, you must understand- this kind of News puts Seattle residents on CODE RED PANIC ALERT!

We are equipped to deal with the rain here. Actually, most Seattleites don’t even own an umbrella and we manage just fine. However, at the first sight of our misty drizzle freezing,the temperature hitting below 32 degreesand our city runs for cover and shut down! Schools close, restaurants shut down early, grocery stores can’t keep the shelves full, you can’t find a log to purchase let alone burn, and cars are left abandoned on the sides of roads. Every major hill, and yes there are countless has a road blockage with a street closure sign. TIME TO CALL IN SICK!

I have often tried to explain to my close East coastfriend, Karen Miles that’s just how we roll.She argues that what we call a snow day in Seattle,New Yorkers wouldn’t evenconsider inclement weather. We have had this banter for the pastdecade that she has lived here. Aside from the factshe feels we can’t drive-even in sunnyclimate, and don’t know how to Jay walk, she sent me the below photo which I will never live down. It is her living proof, that Seattleites are doomed to handle the Global warming or freezing coming our way.

OK-scrolldown…. Yes,so this man is driving his version of a snowmobile, or better yet, snowvertible. As luck would have it, Karen pulled up behind this guy driving with the top down getting “snowed” in.

I again defended our city and sharedthat we are more relaxed out here in the Pacific Northwest, and we would rather call in sick than risk an accident. I had already figured out this “snovertible” driver’s scenario.
The poor fellow had probably got a ticket for jay-walking after rushing from the grocery store, filled his trunk with food,damned the fact they were out of logs,and was rushing to pick up his kid from school before the big blast hit. He still had to call his boss and make up an excuse for missing work. He had no time to stop and put the top up!

So as usual, the photo, snow alert and statewide panic got me thinking…

According to Career Builders, nearly 3 out of 10 US workers called in sick with fake excuses last year. When employers were asked to share the most unusual excuses, some examples given.. bitten by a deer during hunting season…got bats in hair…12 year old daughter stole car….was in line at coffee shop when truck carrying flour backed up and dumped flour into her convertible.

I think Seattleites will say- I forgot to put the convertible up and got snowed in!