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Seattle Polo Party!

I’m back in the saddle literally! After a week of hit/miss computer failings, I’m up just in time to remind everyone to come out ti Seattle’s Annual Polo Party tomorrow!

Giddy up and get your tickets –

You want to arrive early and check out the amazing talent of
Dakota Dufloth
Up and coming music artist and songwriter, hailing from a small town in eastern Oregon. Hoping to make waves in the world of pop culture and ripple his influence of sound into the future.
At the age of 5, he’s been playing music, starting with piano and continuing lessons until 14, picking up the guitar at the start of his first year of high school.
He took a variety of music classes through school, and finally starting a guitar and Latin music class his 9th year.
He joined his first band his 10th year with some older students and played a few shows through the last years of his high school career.
Transitioning into his next chapter of his life was difficult through his college experience, finding a road to walk and attaching his own meaning to the world around him, but eventually finding some fellow musicians over the popular website craigslist.
After completing a few songs they were shown to a few record labels and they landed a deal with Rise records.
The band then proceeded to write a new record Only Forever- Alive Like Me
(October of 2014) and Dakota then started his professional music career.
He toured through the US a number of times, had opportunities to go over seas to Japan and eventually Europe and the UK.
After the band had finished their second year of the Vans Warped Tour(July of 2015), the band found themselves wanting to do other things and didn’t pursue the writing of a second record.
Dakota then moved back to his he town of Umatilla, Oregon to regroup.
Not long after he received a call that would lead him to join the band Blindwish and write Good Excuses(2017) and only do a handful of tours before splitting in early 2018.
Dakota had found himself back home again, writing music for himself, as he had been doing in between the various projects he had been in before, and had started to teach himself to sing.
He is still pursuing his dream and is expecting a record to be done early to mid 2020.
You will see him next, performing the
Star Spangle Banner for Seattle Polo!