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Screaming Eagle… How Did I Get Here?

How did I get here?
> That’s truly what I thought as I rode on the back of a golf cart in Amelia Island, Florida.

I chuckled to myself thinking what my father would say if he knew where I was headed. He raised my sisters and I with the saying, “Just because it’s on your ass, doesn’t make it an asset.”  I’m going for Liquidity- I laughed aloud!  How did I get here, I pondered again as I sat in the private dining room of Capital Grill, surrounded by 9 people getting ready to indulge in A Screaming Eagle Wine Tasting.

> When my fiancé invited me to the Screaming Eagle Tasting which his business associates and friends purchased at an auction, truth be told I had no idea what the rage was about. For all I knew Screaming Eagle could have been a band, charity to save the Bald bird or new fowl dish.
> After consulting my wine bestie, Stacy Lill (Chateau Lill),  I learned about this cult wine and that I was about to experience a once in a lifetime extravaganza.
> How did I get here? I thought again as I perused the menu:

Amuse:  Alaskan King Crab/Citrus/Chili Vinaigrette

First Course:  Kumamoto Oysters/Golden Osetra Caviar

Second Course:  Pan Seared Sea Scallop/Husdon Valley foe Gras/Balsamic Caramelized onions

2011 Screaming Eagle

Third Course:  The Capital Grill Gumbo/Black Pepper Coriander Crusted Tuna

2009 & 2014 Screaming Eagle

Fourth Course:  Herb Marinated Lamb Loin (we traded for Salmon) Toasted Pistachio Gremolata  2013 Screaming Eagle

Fifth Course:  Trio of New York Strip (we traded for Chicken)

2005, 2012, & 2010 Screaming Eagle

As we sipped the different bottles  my table-mates  and I took turns and all shared what we smelled and tasted. Descriptions such as lavender, bold, nutty, and blackberry were used to express the 100 point bottles.  Damn, I found out from Stacy after the fact, I should have thrown out words like, nasturtium seeds, sweaty leather, and barnyard.    Classic: a great wine 90-94  Outstanding:  a wine of superior character and style 85-89.  Very good: a wine with special qualities.

How did I get here?  This was a long journey from the Honey Mead Wine, my mother used to enjoy and I drank in my 20’s.

> My swallow became more palpable realizing our extravagant experience was supporting Mica’s Place, a shelter for women and their children escaping domestic violence.

It is said, if any wine exemplifies the California Cult Wine phenomena,, it’s Screaming Eagle, which made its debut in 1992.  Within 2 years, the wine quickly shot to the top of the hot, must have collectible charts.  In fact, the current price for the 1992 Screaming Eagle has soared to over $7,000 per bottle.  That’s per bottle, not per case!

By the end of the evening, I was reminded of  the quote…

“Wine is the answer.  What was the question?”

Why did it take so long to get here?