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Scent and Sense – Spotlight on Parfumerie Nasreen

Iwear Boucheron perfume. It is and has been my signature scent for years.

I love to collect pretty perfume bottles, and my bathroom counter is a testimony to this,however, Boucheron is only one fragrance I wear.Thearoma is such apart of my daily ritual, that I don’t feel complete until I have doused my body with it.As ateenager, I recall when my dad’s best friendgave me my first bottle of Oscar de La Renta.Over the years, I havetried most signature designer fragrances, from Chloe, to Dune, but I found my scent, Boucheronwhen I was introducedby a dear family friend, Nasreen Rehmat.

The Rehmats and ourfamily have been intertwined for the past twenty five years. What Nasreen has taught me overthis time spanis to appreciate the science that goes into the perfume process. One must mature into the proper fragrance and thesame fragrance does not smell the same on everyone.
My sister and co-blogger, Tracie who resides in Germany keeps a bottleof Boucheron, and I as well keep a bottle of her signature perfume, White Diamonds. Although,Boucheron doesn’t wear wellon Tracie, and White Diamonds does not work for me, we spray each others scent in the air when weare missing one another.

As a child, Iwatchedmy mom evolve from Enigma, until Nasreen introduced her to First by Van Cleef and Arpels.A trip to Nasreen’s at the entry of the Alexis Hotel should be a mandatory stocking stuffer for all the men and women on your holiday shopping list! In addition to finding the perfect fragrance, there are candles and body lotions and potions and they wrap beautifully! Or, you may just want to treat yourself.Get the right scent, it only makes sense!

Nasreen’s Story

Perfume has been a passion since I was 12 years old! For the past 26 years, I have had the luxury of following my passion and making a living at it! My business has evolved with the times. My taste in perfume has a mature sophistication. I bring in Niche perfumes and introduce them to my 18000 customers. My passion also comes with history, stories and sincerity. My customers trust me implicitly. I try never to steer them wrong. I do have amazing customers all over the country. Some of them have shopped with me for 26 years. Dr Maya Angelou is one of them. How I love her. Over the years, I can call her a good friend! We have a wonderful relationship with all our customers. Our follow through is impeccable with our customers. We call them throughout the year to make sure their needs are met!

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