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Saved the Best for Last

You, know, Thanksgiving is a holiday that I miss sharing with my family stateside. Over the years, I celebrated this day in Germany on the closest Saturday, inviting my dearest friends. Why Saturday you might ask. Well, the answer is that we would eat, drink, dance and be merry until the wee hours of the morning. My last Thanksgiving celebration as a married woman, I invited forty friends and prepared two turkeys with all the accompanying side dishes and well as apple, sweet potato and lemon meringue pies. Forty people. 

You might say, I saved the best for last.

Fast forward to yesterday: Thanksgiving 2018. 

I celebrated yesterday in Germany preparing and serving dinner to the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Cologne. Manuela, Giovanni, Astrid, Maria and I prepared a feast beginning with a rich, good for your soul chestnut soup, followed by spinach stuffed cannelloni for the vegetarians and beef stuffed cannelloni for the folks like me. Dessert was warm quark pancakes with ice-cream and raspberry sauce. 

And though we didn’t cook turkey–after all it’s not Thanksgiving Day here (the German Thanksgiving Day is called Erntedank and is usually in September or October, depending on the region), we each celebrated the essential values of gratitude and togetherness in working with each other–it’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of–working together to make someone else feel good and doing it from the heart with care and concern and with love. And we had as we always do, a zero tolerance for anything less than what it should be. For example: if there was a drip of soup on a serving bowl, it was carefully wiped away before the decorative parsley was set atop and served. After all, as they say in Germany, “The eyes eat too”. Pitching in and wiping up while someone is chopping or stirring, running to the fridge to hand someone an ingredient, setting the table, folding the napkins, lighting the candles, pouring the drinks, welcoming the families and serving a delicious meal. One can’t help but feel. . .full.

Driving home, feeling so satisfied, I acknowledged the fact that with all things considered, it’s not just about the food. And I gave thanks out loud. (Mama has told me to not answer myself when I do this.) Anyway, it just felt good to give thanks that my son feels good, that my family was able to sit at their dining table and say grace; thankful for the people who are donating food and time to those who’ve lost everything but their lives in the fires in California. . . thankful for so many things. 

And then I gave thanks that I, in my own small way, am able to do something to lift someone else’s spirits.

You might say, I saved the best for last. 

Happy Day After everybody!