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Rock Stars… Man in the Mirror

Let’s admit it, it’s Halloween season and as we search for the perfect alter ego costume, there’s a little bit of Rock Star/Celebrity Wanna Be in all of us!

Halloween 2015. Guess who I was?

From the time we were wee ones, we used kitchen spoons and utensils as makeshift microphones and sang and danced like no one was watching. For some of us, those childhood dreams continue and you brave the Karaoke stages. But the reality is many of us, including me, sing in the Key of Z.

My Partner in Fun, Patti Savoy and I were discussing our Halloween costumes this year. We focused on an 80’s theme and thought of all the phenomenal talent we have had the pleasure to meet over the years.

I still laugh heartily as I think of The MusiCares Gala during Grammy weekend, a few years back when Jimmy Kimmel impersonated Person of the Year, Lionel Richie. Kimmel, clad in Richie’s Commodore era wore a white studded jumpsuit open to the navel and a huge afro, while he kept the crowd in stitches mocking Lionel. Patti and I still dancing to Brick House, literally ran into Kimmel as he exited the stage. For some reason (blame it on the alcohol), we decided to stop and congratulate him on his stellar performance. We didn’t just leave it at well done. Tapping his shoulder and blocking his movement, we reassured him as if he hadn’t heard the raucous applause. We repeatedly confirmed, “No, seriously, you did good.” We held him up from getting his next change to take the stage and sing Easy Like a Sunday Morning. This story still brings us moments of uncontrolled laughter that we thought this A Star celebrity needed our blessings.

jimmy kimmel

Rock stars and entertainers are revered, respected, looked up to and emulated. Today, we are asking, Who are the Rock Stars in your life? Who are your role models for your children, and who do you feel by their work, make the world a better place? Patti and I have met many Rock Stars who have used their platforms to make a change. We will share over the next week some of our favorite Rock Star meetings and memories.

We then will be asking you to take a Look at the Man in the Mirror as we did in this below photo with the beyond talented Siedah Garrett who wrote and performed the song she wrote for Michael Jackson. Patti and I along with 11 of our besties brought Siedah to perform for the Woodland Park Zoo’s Jungle Party to bring awareness for conservation and protection of Tigers, an endangered species with an estimated less than 3200 left in the wild. For Patti, Tigers and conservation are her passion. We could not have found better talent to bring the message home and it resonates on so many levels, from Big Cats to the state of our world. Take a moment and look at the Man in the Mirror. Siedah Garrett, thanks for using your platform to make change! You are a Rock Star!

siedah patti and dana