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Resolve to be Grateful!


OK Peeps! We made it through the first month of the New Year- New YOU!
How are those resolutions going?
It is said it takes 21 days to form a habit.
Now that it’s February 1, let’s take a look back on the past 30 days.
Are you hitting the gym? Have you put down the booze? Started a path to finding new work, new love?
Oh the resolutions are indeed endless…
I truly try to live with intention every day and I actually celebrate my new year on the 26th of each month as I was born on the 26th of August and that is my 30 day calendar to rewind and reflect.
However, this year, on January 1, after my meal of BEEF CHEEKS at the celebrated Herb Farm, (still can’t get that texture or taste out of my mouth or mind), I decided to join my boyfriend and tell the cow to moooooove over literally.
I haven’t decided if giving up red meat is a resolution I will keep. I also can’t say I feel particularly better without the protein. I can say, I have found a whole lot of ways to cook a chicken! I can also say, I will never join my guy in finding tasty tofu alternatives, and that a late night Dick’s burger will probably win! And Lord knows, nobody beats the Met for a great steak!
But, I can attest, I have enjoyed having the fortitude and determination to stick to my goal and just say NO when the baby back ribs have been passed!
Last night, I had dinner with dear friends Heidi and Lisa. I asked them what resolutions they made and they said none. They shared they have a gratitude jar which they fill throughout the year of anything and everything that brings them joy. From the simplicity to the surreal and then they open the jar on New Year’s Day and they are reminded of all the blessings they had throughout the year.
Daily, through the grind, negative news, trials and tribulations, we have so much to be grateful for and that is something we can resolve to remember!
I may be a month late, but I’m filling the jar!