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Resolutions… One Day at a Time

Last weekend, I was at a dinner party with some of my closest friends. As we shared highlights and lowlights of 2019, we transitioned to discussing New Year’s Resolutions. We laughed aloud as one witty girlfriend (O.K. it was Fredda Goldfarb), popped a salted chocolate carmel and downed it with vino, saying “I gave up sweets and alcohol, what did you give up?”

Not surprisingly, the 10 most common New Year’s Resolutions are:

Exercise More, Lose Weight, Get Organized, Learn a new skill or hobby, Live life to the fullest, Save more money/Spend less money, Quit Smoking, Spend more time with family and friends, Travel more, Read more.

I am generally one that believes in writing goals and holding myself accountable. As I look back on things I had resolved to do last year, some ambitious – like work out daily, some challenging – like better time management, some mundane- like limit social media time, I recognize that a 12 month adherence to anything is just plain TOUGH. So, this year, as they say in AA- I am taking it one day at a time and I decided I would commit my resolutions to 1 month at a time. I’m thrilled to share as of this writing I am 13 days into no alcohol! I elected to join several of my friends who do dry January. It was not easy sitting at my girlfriend’s beautifully dressed table watching friends imbibe on some of the most exquisite bottles of Quilceda Creek, Avennia, Sea Smoke and Rombauer. But knowing that this sacrifice is temporary- In my best Arnold Schwarzenager voice, I said to myself, “I’ll be back.”

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I felt powerful knowing I had the will power, grit and determination to accomplish my resolution. For February, perhaps I will resolve to work out x days a week or give up my beloved candy for the month. I just know that 30 days of a commitment is much easier than committing to something for 365 days. I gave up red meat two years ago on a bet with my fiancé. After I stopped eating red meat, it was something I did not miss and chose not to go back to. So, try temporary abstinence – you never know where it might take you, and you just might decide it’s a resolve you want to keep.

Love my tribe!