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Rescue Me!

Santa has officially left the building.


Life as we know it is back to the predictable, dependable, the invariable, sigh…the daily. Now, in all fairness, that should be challenge, reality check enough. Some of us may have made 2012 resolutions, but until we really start to keep those promises, we’ve got to answer that 6 A.M alarm clock and keep it rolling. Keep it rolling. Keep it rolling. Another day, hopefully another dollar…and good health and stress control and keeping our looks and…

And for those of us with kids, it is the daily multiplied by 1, 2, 3 or however many kids we may have. Now I personally don’t have that problem being that my son is a grown man (whodoesn’t talk to me anyway), but there are some folks out here with kids who are out of control, surly, insolent, insulting brats who don’tgive a damn about naughty and nice and their parents’ cups are just running the helleth over! What??!! Really??!!

Take for example the parents in this article I found in the HuffingtonPost.

Oh yes, we say, one day our babies will be parents too.

Bah humbug.

Though I am certainly not a proponent of physical punishment and there is no guarantee that it is the panacea, but maybe next to the can of spaghetti o’s should be a can of whoop ass…