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Remember…Never to Forget

I recently finished reading a book that touched me immensely. It was called The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, by author Jamie Ford. This tale was a touching love story between an adolescent Chinese American boy and a Japanese American girl separated during the Internment of Japanese families. I read in horror of the injustice done to so many lives, being uprooted from their homes, loved ones, jobs, and daily existence. I can’t imagine being told that I had one day to pack up my collectibles and fit all my life’s assets, valuables and treasures into a suitcase. What items would make it in your essentials? Jewelry, photos, a favorite outfit or bible?

I suppose recently finishing this book has made me more hypersensitive to the injustice of mankind and that is why I want to take a moment to acknowledge that today is the Holocaust Remembrance Day. It has been over 60 years since the Holocaust. To survivors, the Holocaust remains real and ever-present, but for some others, sixty years makes the Holocaust seem part of ancient history. Year-round we try to teach and inform others about the horrors of the Holocaust. We confront the questions of what happened? How did it happen? How could it happen? Could it happen again? We attempt to fight against ignorance with education and against disbelief with proof.
But there is one day in the year when we make a special effort to remember (Zachor). Upon this one day, we remember those that suffered, those that fought, and those that died. Six million Jews were murdered. Many families were completely decimated.

So today, remember… with the help of my dear friend, Fredda Goldfarb, never to forget and visit (they make great graduation and Mother’s Day gifts!)

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