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Relish Today, Ketchup Tomorrow

The effect of this pun is perfect for this Monday morning blog which you’ll understand by the end of this post. 

I’m not sure what inspired me: perhaps the effect of the changing season; pulling out my warm and cozy sweaters; maybe the visuals of decorative gourds and pumpkins. But whatever it was, I felt like lighting some candles and cooking dinner for a couple of girlfriends last Friday night. I think I was having a sense of a nurturing and comforting moment. I’m not exactly sure, but whatever it was, when I cook I really don’t play. As a matter of fact, the last time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner when I was married, I cooked for over 40 people–everything from two turkeys to several pies. I really felt in my element then, just as I did this past Friday night with the girls.

Our evening began at 7:30. We started off with appetizers of deviled eggs, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and beat salads on sticks.

We eased into our main course of corn-fed chicken slowly sautéed in a coconut milk and tomato sauce served with Zoodles in lieu of pasta. I’ve never prepared Zoodles before and they turned out perfectly, so I was thrilled. 

During our meal, we spoke about everything that was on our hearts: our losses, our gains, how the pandemic has affected us, the state of our world, the things that really make us happy, the things that really make us sad. We talked about our struggles, our successes, and the supplements for the soul that we need to achieve them.

A seriously purposeful, honest, serious, and intimate conversation whereby we shared our individual tips and tricks, knowledge, and information.

We finally got around to dessert, a medley of freshly baked nectarines, peaches, and plums with thyme and an optional dollop of mascarpone around 11. By then, we’d concluded that we’ve all reached the age in life where we recognize how very important time is and that we must deal with getting over our fears because fear just gets in the way of our enjoyment which will keep us from living now. Now.

We are indeed sensitive about ourselves, the world around us and we recognize that what we see truly affects us; therefore, we sometimes just have to turn the news off.

There is stability in sisterhood. I mean if you think about it, what really is more powerful than the outstretched hand of one woman towards another to lift her up, to wipe away her tears, to make her smile, and to reinforce her belief in herself? 

Sometimes we really don’t need a reason to celebrate life, our light, and our purpose. We are blessed that we have our here and now–and so wait for it: we relish today because we know we can always ketchup on the other stuff tomorrow.

Have a great start in the week, everybody!