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Quite a Year Indeed!

As my sister said yesterday in her post, My Year Un-masked, we are indeed smack dab in the middle of the hustle bustle time of year. Because I came to America a couple weeks earlier than I usually do this year, I must admit to having a slightly guilty conscience at not having had the time to bake and share my Christmas cookies with my neighbors and friends. But just slightly. I’ve had such a busy year that I just really had no time to get it all in!

I must initially say that I am thrilled that I, my family and friends have maintained our health this year. That’s the first blessing. My son Marc is loving life.He and his girlfriend have recently relocated into an apartment in the city within walking distance to my apartment, which pleases me greatly. They’re crazy in love and I am over the moon happy for the both of them.

In March I was invited to Berlin, Germany. There I had the honor of moderating and being a jury member of the prestigious film competition, The Golden Citygate, the world’s number one touristic film, print and multi-media competition. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Jo Huschert! See my post, Berlin! (menopausebarbees, March 8, 2016)

And I wrote.

April found me in Vienna, Austria where I was invited to attend the 7th International Film Ball of Vienna. Thank you Manfred Schoedsack! I had the honor of taking to the the stage, whereupon I spoke to the audience about tolerance, love and the purpose of the Children Protection Organizations, which were established to protect the rights of children, shield them from violence and raise them up out of poverty by assisting them with psychological, social, legal and medical counseling. (menopausebarbees, Some Enchanted Evening–April 6, 2016).



And I re-wrote.

In May I met my sister and co-blogger Dana and our mom in NYC to celebrate our uncle Federal Judge Richard Jones receiving the Medal of Honor. So proud!

And I edited.

In June I served on the jury in Giessen, Germany for the Miss Giessen beauty pageant. Thank you William Balser and the always lovely Liane Wirzberger. You can read all about this event in my post, The Reckoning–menopausebarbees, June 14, 2016.

In between, I had my English language coaching sessions; met with a great bunch of German teachers who want to improve their English skills in the group, Native Accent, a subset of the American International Club of Cologne; continued my active support for the Parents Initiative for Children with Heart Disease of Cologne, the Ronald McDonald House in Cologne, the parents’ support group for children with Rett Syndrome, Doctors for Ethiopia and the VITA Assistant Dogs Organization.

And I wrote.

In June the one and only Harald Glööckner graciously invited me to his fashion show in Berlin. Read about him in the menopausebarbee post, THE ONE AND ONLY MASTER OF POMPÖÖS!! (June 29, 2016).


July saw Marc and me visiting our uncle, music maestro Quincy Jones at the daddy of all jazz festivals: the Montreux Jazz Festival. Goose bumps erupted the moment Uncle Q said, “Melody is God’s voice.” See menopausebarbee posts: Listen to the Melody (July 12, 2016), The menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight on Rashida Jones! (July 18, 2016), How Many Instruments Do You Play? Jacob Collier in the menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight (July 25, 2016) and Alfredo Rodriguez Killin’ It at the 2016 Montreux Jazz Festival (July 14, 2016).


And I wrote and I edited…

I was blessed to share the sunny skies of Barcelona with Marc and his girlfriend for a few days in August–menopausebarbees: Barcelona! (August 30, 2016) and in September I attended the wedding of my friends Roland and Giulia and had a fish pedicure in Budapest,Hungary–Budapest! (September 20, 2016).



Rounding out my travels this year, upon the amazing invitation of William Balser and Liane Wirzberger–thank you again!!–I was a judge on the jury for the Miss Mermaid Contest in Hurghada, Egypt. See menopausebarbees, Mermaids and Turtles (October 26, 2016) and William Balser and Miss Mermaid in Egypt! (October 24, 2016).


And finally, finally, finally after my last edit, and with the help in downloading the documents into the proper formatting from my brilliant girlfriend Sharon Kae Reamer, herself a prolific writer and published author of several books, I published my baby, Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story. Aside from raising my son, writing and publishing this story is my greatest accomplishment. I humbly say that this inspiring story is garnering absolutely wonderful reviews.


On November 4, I was invited by Sonja Klima, president of the Ronald McDonald House Austria, to her sixth Ronald McDonald Charity Gala, to which I donated 250 of my books. Quite an honor. The following day, I shared my story in an interview on the Austrian news channel oe24.


I am blessed.

I am thankful.

It’s been quite a year indeed!