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Questions About Coming to America

Coming to America and Dani’s post from yesterday… you are hilarious my sister.

Speaking of coming to America, being back on this side of the pond, catching up with new friends and making new acquaintances, I am invariably asked what it’s like to live in Germany and would I consider ever moving back to America permanently. I can honestly say that I am lucky to be able to appreciate both worlds. Notice how I skirted around that question – I’m no fool – not only can she wear a coat, Mama can put on a serious pot of red beans and rice and I know she reads this blog.

You love me, don’t you, Mama.

Well anyway last night, Dani was talking on the phone (which is highly unusual, wink! wink!) with one of her business associates whom I’ve never met and who lives out of town. They of course did some catch up and asked each other what they were up to in 2014.

One of the things Dana told her she was doing was co-writing this Menopausebarbee blog with me; that we write about everything from Dani’s trip to Iceland to my almost ex husband dying before my divorce was finalised. This dramatic event in my life took her breath away. After a moment, she shared with Dana something that my sister never knew: namely that her husband had also died while they were in the
midst of a divorce – only he hadn’t succumbed to any misfortune – he had in fact taken his own life.

I overheard the conversation and listened carefully, trying to hear what I couldn’t see and that was, how this woman felt about this. It had happened perhaps 10 or 15 years ago and she didn’t say whether the divorce was acrimonious or amicable, but some of you readers have walked this path and you know that it can be a rocky, muddy cancellation of a life you had as you once knew it.

Unfortunately, and not by choice, I had to maneuver the rocky, muddy path. My divorce was so bitter it was itter. There is just no other word to describe it.

And so my blazing question to you is, if you were in the chokehold of a nasty separation and your soon to be ex died, how do you think you would feel?
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