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Protecting our Children- Un-Mutable!

On the eve of my daughter’s 13th birthday, I saw the SIFF film, Sold, which is based on the award-winning novel by Patricia McCormick, and is the story of a young girl who risks everything for freedom.
I am a devoted child advocate, and I knew the premise going in, therefore, I knew it would be a painful few hours trying to make reason out of the unreasonable. Kudos to the entire production team of Sold, who relayed the need to address the subject of human trafficking in graphic detail. The multiple sex partners these young children are forced to sleep with is such a heinous and evil act, it’s hard to fathom…but it’s a reality. Their childhoods are literally stolen and they are often left to fend off life threatening illnesses such as AIDS. Each day, children are being sold or stolen into slavery and as I pondered what global action we could take to shed light on this. I thought of what the late great poet, author, and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou said, and that is
Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone

I have always loved the below photo taken of my sister, and co-blogger, Tracie and her niece, my daughter Taryn. This photo was last summer as we Frank women (grandma in toll) strolled through the historic streets of Rome. The orchestrated hug Tracie kept on Taryn was as it has always been, her protective embrace to keep her out of harm’s way.

As I reflected on Maya Angelou’s passing earlier this week, I thought of her own childhood suffering at the sexual abuse of being raped at age 7 by her mother’s boyfriend, leaving her a virtual mute for years.In honor of Maya Angelou, in honor of my daughter, Taryn turning 13 today and in honor of all the victims of sex trafficking around the world- today, I am choosing not to be a mute. Keep your children safe- watch out for known locations, such as Westlake Mall in Seattle where pimps are said to pick up pre-teens every day. Let’s not allow any more Michelle Knight stories (recently released out of captivity in Clevland after over a decade of abuse at the hands of 52 year old Ariel Castro. Listen up, and look out! Speak up if it doesn’t seem right- let someone know!

For more information check out Stolen Youth and the movie Sold or your local programs to cease this horrendous epidemic.

Happy Birthday Taryn- may you, my girl, and all 13 year old children relish in the sweetness of childhood.