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No Place I’d Rather Be….

Last night, we took over El Gaucho Bellevue as we celebrated a trio of girlfriends birthdays.
Shal Foster, Kim Ross, and Michelle Peacock.

I was assigned to speak on behalf of Shal Foster and today, I am sharing a poem I wrote for her.
If there were lyrics to celebrate the moments filled with laughter, camaraderie, and pure friendship, they would be
Clean Bandit’s No Place I’d Rather Be… Enjoy!


When I first looked into those big brown eyes
It really came as no surprise
Sisters we were destined for life
Especially when you told me you had four babies and were no longer a wife
A school for girls in Rwanda, and morning paddle boarding out in the cold
Astounded I asked myself what else could this remarkable chick unfold?
6 hours round-trips to Portland with houses to build
Back to Seattle in time to support your Children Hospital Guild…Really?
World traveler, Husky fan, spiritual, chef, counselor, dog lover, friend, amazing mom, too many titles to name…
We were blessed the day you were born, as we all know life wouldn’t be the same
In the depths of my trials and tribulations getting through a divorce, raising kids, and all of life’s pain
Daily chats with you have helped me OUT of the INsane
You my friend are a treasure who knows how to give those you love a life lift
Today we celebrate your birthday, but all of us who know you got the gift

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