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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

10549242_10152687583639479_6488745694382002896_o I am the keeper of the family photos and I love pulling out the baskets of old Polaroids, black and whites and snap shots reminiscing on the rich history and memories of good times with those I love.

On my sister and co-blogger Tracie and my nephew Marc’s recent trip home, we were fortunate to capture another memento under the lenses of the fabulous photography team of Jerry and Lois Levine. As I studied their work, I marveled at how our sons have morphed into men. My son, Brett is approaching 21 and in November, my nephew Marc will be an unlisted milestone (Marc is like his great grandma and won’t reveal his age.)

Here’s to flashback Friday everyone! And remember a picture is worth a thousand words… So strike a pose and don’t miss the opportunity to capture life’s most important moments.

flashback 2