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Persistence Pays…

Persistence Pays…
Many a day, I repeat Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “If you’re going through Hell, Just Keep Going”

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since this article Persistence Pays was featured in the Seattle Times.
In the past 365 days, this project came to fruition and I was able to fulfill a twenty year wish to re-name the building after my father, Gerald Frank.
His legacy lives on and today I’m honored to know his fight to get funding, stop red-lining, a practice of not allowing loans in less desirable neighborhoods, and to house low income families was not in vain.
I’m also honored and beyond blessed to have my mother and partner, Theresa Frank who every day reminds me to Keep on Keepin’ On. There really is No Given in and No Given Out!

The biggest compliment I ever receive is when someone says I am a reflection of my parents. They were pioneers, hard working, creative, smart, and funny as hell.

Today’s article from the Seattle Times shows I am my parent’s daughter.

I call this one HIStory becomes HERstory.

Thank you, Daddy with love and admiration!

And to the best partner, sidekick, therapist, and love of my life on the planet- Mama- there are no words!

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