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Around 3 A.M. this morning, my insomnia kicked in…

I tossed and turned and then gave in to what I had been avoiding all week and turned on CNN.

As I suspected, the pain, rage, and injustice I saw saddened me immensely.  The headline news included scenes from Haiti, where the earthquake has left more than 1200 dead. In the midst of this suffering, A UNICEF report says that escalating gang violence has displaced nearly 8,500 women and children.

After a commercial break, reports of Afghanistan and the shrieks of a woman pleading and wailing to help her escape the Taliban take-over.  80% of the nearly 250,000 people in Afghanistan who have been forced to flee their homes since the end of May have been women and children.

I knew I had seen enough as the clock ticked to 3:35 A.M., but the miserable news continued as the news transferred closer to home showing an Alabama hospital with zero- I repeat zero beds to treat Covid patients.

Growing up, when my siblings and I would bemoan the trivial, Daddy would tell us, “You think you got a problem?”  And he would force us to visit the last, the least and the lost to realize we didn’t really have a problem at all.

So, today when you are caught in the minutiae of the  daily grind, think of those women in Afghanistan, Haiti, and Alabama.

My uncle Quincy’s Peace Cuff is a reminder that we are in this together.  Spread Peace