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P is For…

P if For…

P is for Patti Savoy as she conceived of this post and wrote it.

P is for Peace as today we celebrate and honor Dr. Martin Luther King.


P is for Pissed as we all should be enraged by what happened at our Capitol.



P is for Pizza to support and show love to our troops.



P is  is for Please read below and consider making a donation.


Patti Savoy:

With the inauguration only a few days away, I’d be fooling you (along with myself), if I said I wasn’t worried about what could happen before, during or after Wednesday, January 20th. This worry comes with a slew of good reasons. I’d also add that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to speak about this on the Menopausebarbees platform, as I don’t want this blog to be misconstrued as “political” or siding with a particular party. This is definitely not either of those.


On Wednesday, January 6th, we all witnessed an evil attack on The People’s House, our Capitol Building. We watched with our own eyes with feelings of disbelief, fear, anger and sadness. Along with the majority of you, I was horrified to see the images of an out of control mob yelling hateful chants, threatening our Vice President and other House members and staff. It was a sea of thousands of people storming our beautiful building that represents the very essence of America. It looked like something that happens in other countries- NOT the United States of America. There were terrorists invading, trespassing, but worse with armed with weapons, zip tie handcuffs, confederate flags, offensive and racist symbols and clothing (Auschwitz Camp, 6MWE- 6 million wasn’t enough) and we even saw an image a noose and heard chants, “Hang Mike Pence?” over and over. We saw windows being smashed, writing on the walls, glass for miles, thrashed offices with floors white with paper and we even had folks take property from the House. We saw violence on our Capitol Police and the media crews. I will NEVER forget the anguished screams and moans of the young police officer being crushed between a door, pleading for help. Or seeing the fear of the black police officer running for his life up the Capitol stairs, but still had the wherewithal to redirect away from the members and staff.


We lost 5 human lives that day, including a Capitol Police officer who went to his job that day to protect and serve. And now, we have thousands of National Guard at the Capitol to protect during the inauguration and from who? Americans? So, these men and women of our military are armed and may have to use their weapons on other Americans? I’m not sure what the answer is with the unrest in our country and it’s definitely a time where I am feeling little control.


I reached out to my tribe to try and wrap my head around it all. We asked ourselves what gesture can we take to feel like we are all in this together and we are there with all those men and women, serving and protecting us. We wanted to show support of the United States, it’s democracy and to our women and men that have volunteered to serve in the United States military. Here’s how we will be taking part and if it inspires you, we’d love for you to consider doing the same or if you have something else you are doing, please share in the comments.

(Special thanks to Pamela Eakes for sharing this site)

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