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Overwhelmed and Overindulged Never Felt So Good!

Each year at this time, I like most of you reading this are feeling overwhelmed, overindulged, and for many lonely and saddened.  Overwhelmed by the task of being a real-life Santa and checking that list twice for your loved ones, creating the lights, festivities and atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Overindulged by the parties, food, spirits, and extravagance.  And unfortunately, lonely and saddened by the loss of loved ones, memories of season’s past, and saddened by the “commercial” holiday Christmas has become.

Approximately twenty years ago, I started a tradition of a holiday party that became a gift drive for Treehouse Foster Kids and other in need individuals to help make the true magic of the season come alive.

Over the years, I’m never sure how this event will roll out.  We’ve celebrated it at many destinations including Canopy Blue, Hotel Andra, Palisades Restaurant, Sell Your Sole, Indie Flix Studios, and friend’s homes from Broadmore to Magnolia.

Due to the Pandemic, this year, with the help of friends checking vaccination cards, we held it at my home.  I got a call in November from my dear friend, Tracy Lind who said, “I’m in and whatever you need, let’s make it special for the kids.”  Then cases of wine arrived at my door from Tracy.  And I don’t mean just crappy cases, but the “good stuff!” We ordered pizza, and had Jaimee with her famous charcutier board, and my favorite D.J. Craig King spinning, so my living room sans furniture turned into a holiday disco. Shari Leid donated copies of her inspiring books, 50/50 Friendship Flow and Make Your Mess Your Message.  My sister, Tracie arrived with a last- minute shopping boutique from Germany which had guests clamoring for the fingerless gloves and hats with fur pom poms, eclectic European jewels and silk scarves (she still has a few items, so inbox her if interested).

Patti Savoy had started the pile sending twenty warm weather coats for tots. And as each guest arrived toting gifts of skateboards, life sized giraffes, stuffed animals, golf and games, Big and Small dolls, and barbies, trucks, and legos, my foyer became a toy store with every gift imaginable so that come Christmas morning, these children will BELIEVE.

I’m so beyond grateful that for one night a year, we can come together and be overwhelmed, and overindulged for a great purpose.  This my friends is the reason for the season.

From our home to yours…

Merry Christmas