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Out With the Old… My New Year’s Resolution

They say it’s not a Goal, but a wish if you don’t write it down. So, let’s play the popular television game of Family Feud for a moment, and try to come up with the top 10 New Years Resolutions:
Survey Says…

1. Diet
2. Quit Smoking
3. Work Out/Exercise
4. Cease Alcohol
5. Take time to Smell the Roses
6. Spend Quality Time with Family
7. Increase Faith
8. Eat a Healthy Diet
9. Be More Generous/Philanthropic
10.Make More Money

Which of these are on your list? Seeing that everything most of us enjoy is said to be fattening, illegal or immoral, the list usually gets violated or null and void by January 2.

Wouldn’t it be nice ifwe could just take to heart all year the same inspiration that we go into a new year with?Think about your resolutions for2011- did they manifest?

It’s your life and you only have one, so the menopausebarbee sisters are challenging you to Live each day as if it’s your last-Laugh each day til your belly achesand spread and receive as much love as your Heart can hold all year through.

A New Year starts with a New You- so out with the OLD….Old habits, Old misery, Old, worry, Old financial distress, Old negative people, Old self defeating thoughts.

Instead of saying ‘why me?’ say ‘why not me?’

Challenge yourself to embrace the new and say Yes! Yes to New friends,New opportunities, andNew experiences.Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I read once that you never heard an old person in a nursing home say, ‘Remember the time I didn’t’. After all, life is based on experiences.

Each day you spend in misery, you are exchanging a precious day of your life for it. Time is the only commodity you can spend and not save, so spend it wisely.

I know those of you who follow the blog have heard me say it time and again, but Success really does only come before Work in the dictionary.

Stop watching from the sidelines andWORK at making YOU and 2012 all that you vision your life to be! That is my one and only resolution!

Happy New Year!
From Our House to Yours!