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Our Children – Our Throwback and Future

It’s Throwback Thursday, and when I awoke and took my mother her morning coffee, my eyes rested on this photo above her bed.

My babies.  Look at the wonderment in Taryn’s eyes, and the unconditional love of Brett.  There is no greater gift than family.  The three of us, like any family have weathered storms.  We have battled as they grew and emancipated themselves from my baggage. We mourned the untimely passing of their father at the most delicate ages in their youth and coming of age. We have battled it out. We have laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed.  As they remind me daily, if it’s not one thing, it’s their mother.  They have revolted against my unconventional parenting.  They have been embarrassed by my lack of filter.  They have defended me whenever my back is against the wall.  They have forced me to acknowledge my short comings and helped me grow.  They praise me and make me feel like they struck gold DNA when I make them proud.  They hold a constant in my life that lets me know whatever I’m facing, we will persevere together.  They are my THROWBACK and my FUTURE.  They are my tribe.  They were my wombmates, then roommates, and now my ride or dies.  They are the very best parts of me.

My prayers today are with another mother, like me, the parent of a 26 year old.  Tamika, the mother of Breonna had the same love, hopes, aspirations, and joy that as a mother I  can wholeheartedly relate.  My heart is heavy and I will always say your child’s name…BREONNA TAYLOR- Imagine the injustice you would feel if she was yours?

Tamika, may your throwback memories of your daughter’s stolen life, resonate around the world and be a lesson for the future and change needed for ALL.  You are in our prayers. #Breonna Forever say her name.