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I just love that quote my sister and co-blogger Dana shared yesterday: Follow certain truths and you can live to be an old (woman) with no regrets. Just having the freedom to not repress or be repressed. Free to wear orange stockings with holes in them because, not because you dare, but because they are there.

And in this respect I tip my hat to the creative genius of Mr. Harald Glööckler who so graciously invited me to his exclusive fashion show in the ballroom of the Hotel de Rome and his gala dinner afterwards at the Hotel Titanic in Berlin, Germany.

Harald Glööckler is certainly living his life with no regrets. He is free in his mind and with his creativity and he works hard. To quote him:

“What I particularly noticed (as a child) was the fear-mongering. If you don’t play by our rules, if you don’t do what we tell you, we’ll punish you, and then you won’t be one of us any more. I didn’t want to belong in the first place. I didn’t want to toe the line; I didn’t care what people thought about me. I wanted to live, live my life. At the age of six, I decided to change things, to do things differently. My world would be a better world, and I wanted to create a beautiful world. In my world, every woman would be able to feel like a princess. My world should consist of beauty and love. Not of greed, oppression and prejudice.”
That’s that freedom I’m talking about.

And after the cameras stopped flashing and the big hair had settled down, the ballerinas had removed their pointe shoes, the trails of tulle and feathers were put to rest and I had just enjoyed a mountain of fennel in a delicate orange sauce, I began a conversation with him. He is as kind a person you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Do google him and his fashion label POMPÖÖS. He’s got something for everyone. The prices are affordable and his fashions are for every shape and size. We love that! Oh yes we do!