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On a Wing and a Prayer


Reflecting back on my sister’s post yesterday about divorce – I can only say that it is an interesting phenomena to say the least. Divorce can be civil or it can be like mine: a nightmare that lasted just over six years, caused me financial hardship and unfathomable emotional pain. It ended only because of my husband’s death.

Sometimes in life there is no amicable end.

Today I recall that I have flown the Barcelona Dusseldorf Germanwings flight over the Swiss Alps mountain range, the very same route that flight number 4U 9525 embarked upon and dropped out of the sky from yesterday. The smashed pieces of the plane landed on ground between villages so remote that the area is said to be probably the worst place for a plane to crash in western Europe. And I am devastated. Two hours and 20 minutes of flying time. And so now, this menopausebarbee is pensive.

My thoughts wander to the zone where one can make an analogy of a marriage to being like a flight on a jet plane. In the beginning it takes off, reaches its cruising height, weathers heavy clouds and storms and reaches its destination without too much turbulence. Then there are times when it somehow loses it’s course, rapidly declines, communication is lost and it crashes.

As with many catastrophes, we on occasion, just don’t know what went wrong.

Sometimes in life there is no amicable end.

And so we pray.