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It’s Official! Happy Birthday Dani!

Today it is official! My sister and co-blogger has reached a milestone birthday!

Fifty years ago today, at one in the afternoon, our sister Robin and our parents welcomed you into this world. And I say Mama, Daddy ( I hope you can hear me), thank you. We love you dearly my sister and couldn’t imagine a world without you in it.

And I wish for you that
from this day forward
all your dreams come true,
that God’s hands will guide you
in all that you aspire to do.

May you never stand in your own way
as you stand strong
through the storms and
bask in the sunlight–
may you continue to love
and support your family
and friends with all your might–
as only you can do.

May your heart be
free of regret
and fully aware of all the goodness
of your past

May you consciously cherish
the moments now
for as you know,
they don’t last
for long.

May you glide into your prime
with grace, charm and wisdom
with Mama as your measure
and may the voices of our children
always be your favoured treasure.

Our sisterhood is our birthright,
what we share and what makes us whole–
. . . we are undone
without the other one.

Especially today
I wish you everything
that you wish for yourself
and that all your dreams come true,

And one day when I’m as old as you,
I know you’ll wish me
these things too.

Happy Birthday my sister!!