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Nurses or Purses- Revisited Sisters Doing it for Themselves!

In the midst of this morning’s headlines, amongst Las Vegas, storms and disasters, there was quip about Football star, Cam Newton laughing at a female reporter, saying it was funny to hear her talk about routes. The annoyance was the insinuation that females should stay “in their place,” and that certain fields are beyond our scope. My 16 year old daughter desires to be a journalist a-la Lisa Ling, and I always share with her that Knowledge is Power – in every field! Be it the ball field or the home-field.

After watching this, as I was pondering what to post today, an old blog, Nurses or Purses came in my newsfeed, and I thought it was a timely share. I’ve never been one for stereotypes. I was born coming out of the kitchen… (ask my boyfriend, he’s the chef in our relationship). So, here’s to all my sister’s doing it for themselves!

Ah, it’s the year of the rabbit, so I’ve been told. This means little will be set in stone. With that in mind, I was having coffee yesterday with some girlfriends and we were discussing the number of friends we have going through divorce.

Why is this such an epidemic in our Menopausebarbee world? My friends take is the men and the 80/20. That’s where men give 20% to home and 80% to another woman thinking the grass is greener only to discover it’s astro-turf. O.k. I get it, the age old issue of infidelity and now my peers are at the age where the young Barbie doll is more appealing. Boobs that used to be a 36 regular, after babies are now a 36 long. Reminds me of the Betty Broderick story. After putting her husband through medical and law school and he became a huge success, he traded her in for a better model. Betty stole one of her four children’s door keys and went in the middle of the night and shot her ex and his fiancé one month before their wedding. Never mess with a scorned woman right?

Another friend suggested that women are finally in the financial realm where they are often making more than their male counterparts and don’t want to be the nurses or purses. Nurses or purses, I paused and asked with a questionable look on my face. Yep, she said, women are tired of being nurses(taking care of someone) or being purses (taking care of someone).
The thought made me laugh, so today I must share for all the sisters doin’ it for themselves!
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